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LET US SPARK YOUR IMAGINATION IN 2016... our warehouse is simply bursting at the seams with hundreds of exciting and inspiring sensory delights; providing essential opportunities for actively engaging all ages in enjoyable and meaningful sensory activities and experiences.


Featured Products

Christmas Catalogue - Hardcopy

If you like having a physical catalogue to browse through, then this option will be best for you. The Catalogue itself is free - the £1 price tag is only for P&P.

Christmas Magic Snow

LET it snow... now you can have real looking snow at any time of the year. Just add water. Make snow scenes, hide things in the snow, or marvel at its wonderful sensory qualities

Christmas Bendables

FUN and festive Christmas Bendables are the perfect fidgets to keep the hands and mind occupied.

Christmas Push Up Characters

Classic pressure toy which make funny movements by being pushed with different pressures. Great for finger strengthening and isolating thumb movement. Fun example of 'Cause & Effect'.

Christmas Paddle Game

FESTIVE Christmas Paddle Game, keep the reindeer's nose on the paddle for as long as you can!

Christmas Stocking Kit

Our Christmas Stocking Kit is a collection of Christmas themed fidgets that helps to keep fingers busy and occupied - complete with Christmas stocking!

Charley The Chameleon

ULTRA plush cuddly chameleon illuminates in a rainbow of colors and plays soothing sounds for the perfect send-off to the land of sweet dreams

Tranquil Turtle

PLAYS soothing sounds and features a unique textured shell which creates a magical underwater light effect with a wave motion which is sure to be the perfect send-off to the land of sweet dreams

Large Dolls House Complete Set

FANTASTIC brightly decorated dolls house comes with a huge variety of furniture and living spaces, along with a friendly-faced family, with bendy arms and legs, which provide a great environment for fun & entertainment.

Wall Toy Shape Maze

ENCOURAGES problem solving using colourful and moveable shapes, helps to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Wooden Four-in-a-Row

LARGER version of the traditional 4 in a row game for even bigger fun!

Cosmic Light Up Disco Spinner

LIGHT up spinner with LED lights that create an amazing patterned dancing light show, with multi function patterns, and multi coloured lights. A great light show or disco effect over a good area.

Yellow Smiley Mini Fidget Sensory Kit

SMILEY themed collection of bright and cheerful tactile toys to grab their interest - pocket sized and all ready to ‘Grab & Go for when you're on the move or wish to occupy, distract or...

Light Up Maraca

Our Light Up Maraca provides great musical sounds and is fun to shake shake shake!

Bendy Monkey

ENDEARING tactile characters made of durable plastic with infectious smiling faces and super bendy limbs making these an ideal fiddle and fidget toy to busy and occupy fingers. Available in 2 colours: Grey or Brown

LED Mega Aqua Spiral

This Fish-Themed light is a great night light for the young fish enthusiasts, while providing excellent visual relief for those with visual needs.

Wooden Flexi Ballerina

FABULOUS poseable wooden ballerina that is both aesthetically pleasing and designed to keep fidgety hands busy!

Chewy Tube Sensory Kit

PROVIDE valuable sensory input into the jaw through chewing & biting. Free from all harmful chemical properties.