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LET US SPARK YOUR IMAGINATION THIS CHRISTMAS... our warehouse is simply bursting at the seams with hundreds of exciting and inspiring sensory delights; providing essential opportunities for actively engaging all ages in enjoyable and meaningful sensory activities and experiences.

Featured Products

Charley The Chameleon

ULTRA plush cuddly chameleon illuminates in a rainbow of colors and plays soothing sounds for the perfect send-off to the land of sweet dreams

Christmas Stocking Kit

Our Christmas Stocking Kit is a collection of Christmas themed fidgets that helps to keep fingers busy and occupied - complete with Christmas stocking!

Bath Gem

BATHE in luxurious style! This bath gem emits a spectacular lightshow that is refracted by the water in a bath, creating even more wonderous effects!

My Rainbow In My Room

FABULOUS rainbow projector night light casts rainbows across rooms, creating a relaxing and comfortable environment

Mini Sealife Lamps

LIGHTUP Sealife Lamps which will automatically change colours over time to create a calming ambience of light - sure to fulfill visual sensory needs.


BRIGHT colourful, lightweight, tuneful and satisfyingly noisy! Set of 8 virtually indestructible plastic tuned percussion tubes - strike against each other, your hand, shoe, a table... endless possibilities!

Mini Flip Over Buggy

VIRTUALLY unstoppable buggy which despite its size doesn't let anything get in its way - drives up walls, flips over and drives off again

Animal Giggle Balls

PLUSH animal toy with cartoonish features and a rounded ball-like body. Press the button on its hand and it starts making animal noises before breaking out in a fit of excited giggles.

Soft & Fluffy Moonling Monkeys

FUNKY & vibrant moonlings are available in many whacky colourations and will hug and cuddle you right back!

Soft & Fluffy Lifelike Dogs

CLASSIC Dogs to stroke, cuddle and care for, providing extra tactile input and a soothing and calming effect for many

Light Up Den Sensory Kit

Inspiring collection of soft and soothing visual lighting effects - no fast flashing or strobing. Includes softly colour changing light effects - will promote a calm and relaxing atmosphere in any room.

Light Up Spectra Strobe Ball

FIRM rubbery textured ball made of brightly coloured translucent sections. Bounce or hit the ball to activate the bright internal LED flashing lights.

Lights & Sounds Sensory Kit

Inspirational collection of visual lighting effects which also reward with sound - will entertain and satisfy everyone with its range of controllable moving lights, and rewarding sounds.

Christmas Flashing Xmas Groan Tube

FLASHING groaning and moaning Christmas noise-making stick - everyone will love twisting and twirling this around just for the noise - but the light effect looks great too!

Christmas Clockwork Festive Characters

CHRISTMAS clockworks - wind them up... and watch them merrily 'hop hoppity hop' around. Fun little characters to exercise tracking skills, and super little distraction, reward or fidget.

Christmas Penguin Desk Hourglass

LIQUID-filled hour glass containing a pair of bobbing penguins. Flip it over to make the blue liquid slowly cascade from the top section to the bottom, slowly causing one penguin to rise as the other...

Duck Moodlight

SOAK in style! This classic duck actually has a moodlight function that changes colour over time while in water, creating a relaxing atmosphere for children and adults alike.

Cosmic UFO

PLAY TIME 3 fun light sequences and a motion sensor that triggers 'flying' sounds - BED TIME relax with one of two soothing sounds, while the UFO projects a multicolored 'Northern Lights' effect. It's out...

Colour Changing Blushing Super Soft Teddy Bear

SUPER soft glowing teddy bear which doubles as a night light with colour changing LED lights with the press of a paw

Christmas Clockwork Flapping Penguin

COMICAL clockwork penguins waddle from side-to-side and flap their wings. Simply wind them up and watch them merrily 'flap flap flapping' around. Great exercise for the digits, and a fun little item to exercise tracking...

Christmas Penguin Race

PLAYFUL penguins are automatically hoisted up the moving 'ski lift' and then slide quickly down the winding slope, accompanied by a rhythmic, jolly cheeping sound

Christmas Fluffy Clockwork Penguin

CHRISTMAS Clockwork Penguin with fluffy texture and santa hat - watch as they bounce around all hippity-hop!

Christmas Magic Xmas Snow

LET it snow... now you can have real looking snow at any time of the year. Just add water. Make snow scenes, hide things in the snow, or marvel at its wonderful sensory qualities

Soft & Fluffy Lifelike Cat

CLASSIC soft & fluffy cats to stroke, cuddle and care for, providing extra tactile input and a soothing and calming effect for many